Frequently Asked Questions

Tipsterland is a sports betting platform where Tipsters or forecasters place their predictions so that their followers can follow them and obtain a profit. More information in this link.

The official contact accounts and networks are the following:

The stake is a numerical quantity that represents the level of confidence that a tipster has in a tip. More information about the stake in this link.
The yield is the profitability of a tipster's bets, that is, the percentage of profit on the amount wagered. The higher the yield, the higher profitability a long-term service will offer if this ratio is maintained. More information about yield in this link.
We have two sports betting dictionaries so that everyone understands commonly used terms. You can start by reading the basic sports betting dictionary and, once you have internalized that information, you can read the advanced sports betting dictionary .
If you consider that a tip does not correspond to reality, either because it is not well written or because the result is incorrect, you can report it through the upper right button of the tip. More information about how to report an incorrect forecast at this link.
The administrators of Tipsterland select the premium tipsters. If we want to have you as a premium, we will let you know through the internal messaging of the application.
To hire a Tipster must be premium. If you want to hire a premium Tipster, you can do so from the application in the shopping cart-shaped window or in the "Hire" button on the website. Both options are visible when accessing the profile on those devices.
We currently accept payments by bank card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, cryptocurrencies and bank transfer. We are the first tipster platform in the world to accept payment for cryptocurrencies.

If you want to apply a discount code you must make a new contract. On the payment page, a text field will be displayed in which you must paste the discount code.

Remember that there are exclusive discount codes for a Tipster and generic codes applicable to all.

If you have a Xiaomi you may not receive notifications correctly due to the pre-installed configuration that these devices come with. In this case, please contact customer support so we can tell you which settings to use so that you don't have problems like this again.
All the information related to your profile can be modified from the "My account" section, both in the app and on the web.
From the my account section both on the web and in the app you can link your social networks so that they appear on your public profile and gain followers for free.
No Tipsterland user has access to your personal data. The only public information in Tipsterland is: Tipster's name, profile picture, social networks, description of services and comments written in the comments section, available on the Tipsters profile. With the exception of the Tipster name, the rest of the information is optional.
The profile of a tipster has the same functionalities as that of a user but allows you to publish tips, have a public profile, your own channel, etc. Therefore, it is not necessary to use different accounts with the same one. Multi-accounts on Tipsterland are prohibited for transparency.
If you have assigned an incorrect result to a tip before or after its completion, you can contact us reporting the tip in question by writing to us in email, technical support or in telegram with your e-mail and the tip to be modified.
We do not allow any tipster to delete tips, except for errors in the publication.
It is not possible to reset the statistics in Tipsterland.
Only free Tipsters are allowed to sell services on other social networks. Premium Tipsters are strictly prohibited from selling any type of service outside of Tipsterland.
You cannot sell your tips on Tipsterland as a free tipster, to be able to sell services on Tipsterland you must be a premium tipster.
Paid bets are only visible to subscribers who have paid for membership. No user who has not contracted the service can see the paid bets that are active. As for the determined bets, these are available to any user.
When you fill in the form to create a pick you must select the "accumulated" option.

The maximum amount allowed for the same event is 10 units. Exceptionally, this amount can be exceeded if, within the same event, the markets are different.

Both investing more than 10 units to the same event and market and more than 10 units regularly to the same event, even if they are different markets, can lead to the expulsion and banning of the platform.

If the traceability of your bet has been very limited, the bet must be void instantly.
A void tip is a bet where the bookmaker has returned the amount you bet.
In order to upload tips you must have a tipster account (not a bettor). If you registered as a gambler account, you must register with a different email by checking the "tipster" box. If you want to keep the same e-mail, contact technical support and we will activate the "tipster" status in your account.

When we ban a tipster from the platform, the tipster is notified through the internal messaging of the application. If you have not received this message and you cannot see your profile in the listings, it means that it is hidden.

As a general rule, we hide profiles that have not published tips for more than a month. If you want to reactivate your profile, simply post a tip and your profile will automatically be visible again.

If you feel harassed or intimidated by another user of the platform, we advise you to take a screenshot of the conversation. Send us this screenshot and an explanation of the facts to, we will review the case and take the appropriate measures.
Except for exceptions, at Tipsterland we do not make refunds. Anyway, you can contact technical support and we will study your case carefully.
From Tipsterland we try to make tipsters behave in the most professional way possible. However, not everything depends on us and tipsters are, after all, people who may have personal problems. In the event that a tipster you have hired has not sent tips for a long period of time, you will be refunded your subscription proportional to that time plus the remainder that you have left or you will be given the option to exchange that subscription for another adjusting the days contracted to the price of your current subscription.
To permanently delete your account, let us know by sending an email to the address with your username, email, full name, and, if you see fit , the reasons for said decision.